Service department

Dear customer,  

You have chosen WAS to build your new vehicles and it is important to know that we put at your disposal an experienced service team that will provide support in the following areas: 

  • Warranty repair 

  • Post-warranty repair 

  • Periodic inspections 

  • Sales of spare parts 

  • Post-accident repairs  

  • Technical support  

Our mobile service vehicles are at the disposal of our local customers throughout Poland. We are handling warranty and post-warranty requests seven days per week. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the international vehicle industry, we possess the capability to perform repairs not only on our own produced ambulances but also on those manufactured by other Polish and foreign companies. For our customers outside of Poland we offer unique service and maintenance solutions to meet your requirements and ensure that you are always supported throughout the life of your vehicles. 

Ambulance service requests are most often associated with notification and intervention after the occurrence of failure. You can count on the response of our service teams to deal with any failures to prevent a breach in contact with the National Health Fund for example within 48 hours of notification. We have replacement ambulances available for both warranty and post-warranty service requests.  

Standard vehicle servicing typically involves a technical examination of the base vehicle and its engine, but it does not include an inspection or condition report on the ambulance conversion. For this reason, to minimize repair expenses and maximize the ambulance's lifespan, we provide and strongly recommend periodic inspections of the clinical area within the ambulance. 

Such inspections during the warranty period are in fact mandatory. During which, many elements that are part of the ambulance construction are subjected to a diagnostic examination, including safety inspections of the electrics and medical gas systems.  

After the inspection, as well as possible repairs of damaged components, the user receives a certificate of periodic technical inspection of the medical body of the ambulance, which is a necessary document before the inspection authorities. We encourage the inspection of the medical body of the ambulance to become a standard like the annual vehicle registration inspections.  

We are at your disposal today and every day.




Service manager
Mariusz Nadolski:
tel. 606 476 324

red.pngSenior Service Specialist:
Tomasz Kiliński:
tel. 538183366

blue.pngSenior Service Specialist:
Andrzej Łudziński:
tel. 606 751 470