Mercedes Benz Sprinter - ambulance - type C

Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 316 - Emergency Ambulance Type C (GVW up to 3.5 t) 

Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 319/419 - Emergency Ambulance Type C (GVW up to 3.88t/4.1t) 

The ambulance is designed for operation in the National Emergency Medical System for both basic and advanced Medical Rescue Teams. 

The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular and widely used ambulance models. It is appreciated for its advantages, which allow it to operate without problems in specific and difficult conditions of rescue operations. 

The high durability of the vehicle is complemented by a special sanitary body, refined in detail, creating an ideal tandem for heavy work for Medical Rescue Teams. 

The ambulance has been offered since 2010 in both GMC up to 3.5t and GMC up to 3.88t/4.1t. Larger GMC allows us to offer a model with V6 engine and automatic transmission. 

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