Volkswagen Crafter - box ambulance - type C

Volkswagen Crafter - box ambulance type C. 

On the Polish market, this is a complete novelty in the segment of emergency ambulances. 

The presented Ambulance is intended for use in the National Rescue System for both basic and advanced Medical Rescue Teams. 

The innovation of the boxes’ design lies in its compact exterior dimensions, which are almost identical to those of the van, but its interior shows the advantage over the van. The design of the compact box was developed to allow it to navigate narrow streets and low driveways, which is exactly where a standard van-based ambulance can go. The compact box, however, offers incomparably more space to work inside. Importantly, its design can be combined with lightweight chassis up to 3.88t GVW, which have single wheels on the rear axle. 

Like each of our ambulances, the box has also been subjected to demanding durability tests. In the interest of user safety, we were the first to subject our compact box to a tilt test. The even distribution of body components and the central mounting of the main stretcher guarantee its stable handling on winding roads and the low centre of gravity further stabilizes it. 

The interchangeability of the chassis while keeping the same box makes it possible to achieve measurable financial benefits in several years of operation, which is another advantage of the box ambulance. 

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