Volkswagen Crafter - ambulance - type C

(a) Volkswagen Crafter 35 - Emergency Ambulance Type C (GVW up to 3.5 t) 

(b) Volkswagen Crafter 38 - Emergency Ambulance Type C (GVW up to 3.88 t) 

The presented model is our new product. 

This ambulance is designed for work in the National Emergency Medical System for both basic and advanced Medical Rescue Teams. 

We were the first in Poland to obtain full-vehicle approval for this type of ambulance, so it entered our offer as early as October 2017. Since then, the new Volkswagen Crafter 35/38 emergency ambulance has already found more than 50 supporters. 

We also took advantage of the need for homologation tests to introduce the new solutions expected and requested by our customers, which consider the current needs of Emergency Medical Teams and improve the operating economy of the vehicle. 

In addition, we have introduced a Volkswagen Crafter ambulance with a GVW of up to 3.88 t with 4MOTION four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. 

Detailed information about our ambulances can be found on the product sheets. 

We also encourage you to contact our Sales Department directly and take advantage of the opportunity to present our solutions at your premises.