Our values

We design and manufacture workspaces to allow paramedics and doctors to save lives. 


A safe space for every user of our ambulance. 

The safety of both medical personnel and patients is of upmost important to us. That is why we use only tested, proven technical solutions in our ambulances. 

All components used in WAS ambulances from the locks of the hanging lockers, to the opening systems of the drawers/waste garbage cans, to the seats or the attachment of the base to the main stretcher have been tested in accordance with PN EN 1789. 

In addition: 

  • all ambulances are manufactured in full compliance with approval documentation, which gives the customer the guarantee that they are receiving a tested and proven product, 

  • we give a guarantee to the customer that they receive an ambulance that is 100% compliant with current regulations, all of which they do not need to know, we are the source of expertise for the customer and help to obtain information governing the requirements for this type of vehicle, 

  • the customer receives, together with the vehicle, accurate technical documentation of the ambulance and medical equipment, as well as certificates required by the National Health Fund, 

  • we provide a guarantee of safe operation for the customer by strictly adhering to the weight of the special sanitary body taking into account the mass reserve for the relevant medical equipment for ambulances of types C, B and A1 and A2, 

  • the special sanitary body is designed in such a way that even weight distribution and low center of gravity guarantee safe driving, especially in fast cornering, 

  • security for the customer in terms of maintaining ambulances in constant readiness for emergency action through mobile service in Poland we are responding within even a few hours to customer notification, 

  • in case of immobilization of the customer's ambulance, we offer a replacement ambulance with equivalent parameters, 


Optimizing our customers' satisfaction and protecting the environment are among the overriding principles of W.A.S. Wietmarscher Polska Sp. z.o.o. 

The measure of quality is set by our customers. It is their assessment of the quality of our products and services that is decisive. 

Every employee contributes to ensuring appropriate quality standards through his or her personal actions. 

In order to achieve the set goals regarding quality, environmental protection of our company, we constantly strive to improve our processes during: Designing, manufacturing, servicing and selling special vehicles, especially ambulances and survey vehicles, as well as furniture and vehicle body components. Sales and service of medical equipment. 

Aiming to make continuous improvements, we place the main emphasis on: 

  • continuously promoting the aspect of quality and environmental protection through appropriate management at all levels of the company and pollution prevention, 

  • compliance with standards and laws and other quality and environmental requirements pertaining to our business, 

  • continuously developing the competence of employees, through the implementation of training courses, 

  • continuous improvement of technology containing: 

  • description of operations and processes in the order of the most optimal in a defined standard time. 

  • all quality parameters described measurably 

  • all drawings, tools, templates and materials needed to perform individual operations, 

  • continuous analysis of quality errors and repair plans, 

  • continuous improvement of the company's efficiency by comparing the current time to the standard time of a given operation, 

  • delegating responsibility to the lowest level of employees, through motivation and raising professional competence, 

  • setting measurable KPI targets: daily, monthly and annual for employees, 

  • regularly reviewing and adjusting set quality and environmental targets, 

  • developing cooperation with our partners, 

  • pay attention to stakeholders and provide resources and information necessary for mutual cooperation. 

  • include our suppliers and contractors in our quality and environmental management system if necessary, 

  • maintain and continuously improve our quality and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 standards 

  • adherence to the requirements of the NF 377 mark - "Fire Service Equipment" 

The implementation of quality and environmental policies as well as taking quality assurance measures is the responsibility of every employee of the company. 

We want to ensure that all company processes that affect quality and the environment are planned, controlled and supervised on an ongoing basis. Aspects of our business that affect the environment are integrated into the structure of decisions and actions within the entire management system. 

We regard environmental protection compliance with health, safety and fire regulations as an important task for management. Superiors play a decisive role in this by setting an example and taking responsibility for decisions, as environmental protection requires all employees to act responsibly and consciously. 


Every tool of the rescuer must be at hand whenever they need it. 

We know that during any rescue operation in which our ambulance is used, every second counts. Here there is no time to think about where life-saving instruments and tools are located. 

When designing the medical compartment of the ambulance, we took advantage of comments and tips from experienced rescuers. We arranged the interior of the ambulance so that the entire layout of the body is user-friendly. 


Quality does not go hand in hand with price. A low price reflects negatively on it. In order to keep prices affordable and at the same time maintain the German quality of production required by the company's management, we invest in process efficiency. 

We are improving both the skills of our employees and reducing material losses during the production process. 


The environment is becoming a victim of the industrial revolution. To take care of future generations, we have introduced a quality and environmental management system. The optimization of the production process and the waste segregation system allows us to proudly state that our company is environmentally friendly. 100% of the materials used in the production of the medical body of our ambulance are recyclable. 


Within a few years, the WAS Group has become a significant manufacturer of ambulances and special vehicles in the world. The basis for conducting business throughout the group, and thus at W.A.S. Wietmarscher Polska Sp. z o.o., is compliance with ethical standards and national and international laws. This objective of our company has been included in the Compliance Management System (CMS), which has already been in effect at our company since 01.12.2011. 

A compliance officer (contact in German and English) has been appointed to oversee the operation of the CMS throughout the WAS Group: 

Thomas Blankmann 

Tel: +49 5925 991-181 


The company's compliance officer oversees the operation of the CMS system at W.A.S. Wietmarscher Polska Sp. z.o.o.: 

Anna Bakun 

Tel: +49 56 6744 - 131