When we started our business in 1997, we aimed from the very beginning for our ambulances to meet the highest global quality standards. We have based our quality on a team of top Polish engineers and technicians as well as the experience and best practice of the European market. 

The ambulances produced in Ostaszewo shape the trends in technical and quality solutions on the Polish and European markets. All their fixed, mechanical and electrical components are characterised by high durability and reliability over many years, which is appreciated by users. 

In addition, complete special bodies for all ambulances assembled in Germany are produced at the Polish factory in Ostaszewo. 

The skill and experience of our employees translates into: 

  • modern and unique technical solutions, 

  • durability and reliability 

  • ergonomics and operational safety, 

  • the highest quality 

These values are appreciated by customers in: Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates. 

If you are interested in the full range of special vehicles of the WAS Wietmarscher Group, please visit: http://www.was-vehicles.com/de/produkte.php.